“Resurrection of the Stratford Corsair” is the recollection’s, musing and documentation of the journey, to save the FG1-D Corsair at the Igor I. Sikorsky Memorial Airport in Stratford, CT. The rescue and preservation of the Stratford Corsair is less the story of a Warbird and more the saving of an icon from destruction by the elements, time and ignorance.

The Connecticut Air and Space Center has trusted me to be the Project Director and shop leader for the restoration. I don’t come at this project with a background in World War Two airplane restoration. I have spent many of days wandering Silver Hill and the Air and Space Center in Washington, DC and have studied their restorations in depth. I am a student of history and a have great love for the tales and artifacts of all of Americas great wars. Shop-wise I have spent many years working around heavy equipment as a “handyman” fixing that which is broken. I spent many years in the production business working in scenery, as a painter, a rigger / erector of scaffolds and staging. I grew up in a family of automobile nuts and have spent my fair share of time restoring rusty hulks back to shining gems. I feel my best skills that I can offer to the project are come from my later career in marketing and managing people.

In a project of this scale, not to be cliche’, there are no I’s. You have to understand the dynamic of why people volunteer and manage their expectations. Progress is a dish best served frequently. We as a group are working toward a single goal, seeing the Stratford Corsair restored.

Interested in more information or joining the tram? Drop me an email

Many thanks fore stopping by!
Drew King


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  1. Anthony Harmsworth says:

    Anthony Harmsworth at Aeroplane Monthly magazine calling from London, England. I just saw the piece on the Corsair restoration. It would be great to get something about this project in the the news pages of the next issue of Aeroplane. Would it be possible to get a hi-resolution picture of the aircraft being worked on, preferably the side view shot showing the markings? We go to press in a couple of days, so if you could get back to me as soon as possible that would be great.

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