Connecticut Air & Space Center’s Open House Saturday, July 9th and Sunday July 10th, 2011 Stratford, CT

Connecticut Air & Space Center’s Open House
Saturday, July 9th and Sunday July 10th, 2011 Stratford, CT
“Celebrating Connecticut’s Aviation History”

The Connecticut Air & Space Center (CASC) is hosting a free, all access Open House “Celebrating Connecticut’s Aviation History” on Saturday, July 9th and Sunday July 10th, 2011 (9am -4pm both days), where for the first time in 5 years that the entire collection will be accessible to the general public. The event will be held in the large, open parking lot next to Museum, at the intersection of Main Street & Sniffens Lane, opposite the Atlantic Aviation Hangers at Sikorsky Memorial Airport. Parking is Free.

During the Open House, attendees will have the opportunity to get up close and personal with the aircraft and artifacts in the collection. The collection includes items from Sikorsky, Chance Vought, Pratt & Whitney, Hamilton Standard, Avco/Lycoming, Cessna and North American to name a few. For anyone over the age of 18, there will be guided tours of the original Chance Vought R&D Hanger and the Museums cold storage facility aptly named “Area 53”. These buildings contain the Museum’s restoration shop as well as many other displays.

“We are the best kept secret in Connecticut” said Christopher Soltis, Display Designer and Asst Curator. “This event has been planned with children in mind. Our goal is to Honor, Preserve and Educate about our history in Connecticut. We need to get the next generation involved. When I became a volunteer, It changed my life.”

The Connecticut Air and Space Center is currently in the process of restoring numerous aircraft including; several Sikorsky Helicopters, the S-60 prototype for the successful Skycrane, a pair of H05S/S-52 (one with Korean War service), and an H-19 / S-55 also from the Korean War period. There is also a Cessna 02-A Forward Air Observer Aircraft which spent time in Cuba as well as acting as a training chase plane for the F-18 Squadrons when they first came into service. Jet aircraft includes; a T-33 Shooting Star currently being reworked by a former crew chief and T37 & T38 trainer aircraft. Andy Kosch will present his 1901 Whitehead #21 Replica that flew at KBDR in the 1980’s.

Currently the CASC is probably most famous for its involvement in the restoration of the Igor I. Sikorsky Memorial Airport FG1-D Corsair which is receiving a ground up restoration for display back at the Airport.

Other displays and vendors expected are The Town of Stratford Fire Department & Police Department, Stratford EMS, Met Life, Civil Air Patrol, Eagle One Search & Rescue and many more interesting and exciting displays. Food will be provided by Stanziales Restaurant on Main Street.

About the Connecticut Air & Space Center: The Connecticut Air and Space Center (CASC) was founded in 1998 after the closing of the Stratford Army Engine Plant, in Stratford, Connecticut. Currently the Connecticut Air and Space Center occupies buildings 6 and 53 at the former Stratford Army Engine Plant complex. The CASC is a Non Profit 501c(3) charity promoting the aviation achievements in Connecticut.

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