A Very Busy Three Days.

Andy Kosch presenting at City Lights Gallery in Bridgeport CT

On Friday 2/4, at the City Lights Gallery, 37 Markel Ct in Bridgeport, "City in Flight" a series of short films, and presentations demonstrated how Leonardo's dream became a reality in Bridgeport/Stratford area. through the work and inventions of Gusatve Whitehead and Igor Sikorsky. Andy Kosch, an expert on the legacy of Gustave Whitehead argues that Whiteheads plane flew before the Kitty Hawk. Kosch is currently rebuilding a full-size replica of the Whitehead plane at the CT Air and Space Center. He will share his knowledge along with a short documentary and have a 4' model of this flying machine on view. Later the Corsair Restorztion Team, Andrew King and Ed McGunniess, presented the current status of the project and talked on the history of the plant, the airport and the area.


Susan French and John Lott - Reviving the past

Susan French and John Lott - Reviving the past Susan French is the daughter of John French, the photo being held. John Lott is a volunteer with the Igor I Sikorsky Memorial Corsair restoration team. Lott specializes in photo retouching and printing. Taking an original photo of French's father that was black & white and only 8x10, Lott colorized, retouched and made a large size print for display to better illustrate what the Stratford Based French wore on a daily basis. Susan French was very moved seeing her father come to life through modern technology, continuing his mission as a test pilot for the Corsair Restoration.

Igor I Sikorsky Memorial in Fog and Snow

gor I Sikorsky Memorial in Fog and Snow Saturday February 4th saw heavy fog sock in the Sikorsky Memorial Airport. With light rain and low visibility no flights or air traffic was seen or hears. This view is from the former Stratford Army Engine Plant.

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