Partners in Business… How to Make Something Out of Nothing for the Stratford Corsair

A few months ago Chris Soltis and I were having lunch with Rob after a long Saturday at the shop.  We were trying to come up with an idea to help in the process to raise some much needed funds for the Stratford Corsair restoration. Chris recounted how the group that had restored “Glacier Girl”, a rather famous Lockheed P-38 Lightning, took some mangled parts and used them to make jewelry to be sold to raise funds.  This spurred the conversation to the numerous pieces of the airframe that were unusable and disintegrating piles of scrap. It was decided that we would cut up the scrap into small pieces to fit onto a 4×6 or 5×7 card and offer it as a gift for various donation levels.

It needed to go a step further. Chris is an excellent graphic designer and I did a little creative direction. The end result was a 5×7 card that announced the lineage of the parts and the plane. The next big question was how much was this going to cost. Rob got an excellent quote but at the end of the day it was money we didn’t have to spend. That’s where something a teacher of mine, Donna Boyer, from the Sea Shore Real Estate School in Seaville NJ, popped into my head. At the end of the day we are all Partners in Business, each company we work with, we form a unique relationship.  Even people in the same line of work can and have to work cooperatively together in order to reach a common goal.

Our Parts Card Thanks to Chris & M3 Printing

Enter M3 Printing form Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.  I developed a relationship with Mike Anaman many years ago when I was in the restaurant business.  I had picked up a flyer in a nightclub and I was impressed at the quality of the paper and the work.  They had utilized a small tag on the piece that simple said “Printed by”. The rest they say is history. I have used Mike for all my printing needs and recommend them to all of my friends who do graphic work.

M3 Printing isn’t like a Kinko’s,  they have large Gang Run presses and do everything from 500 Business Cards to printing full color magazines.  I approached Mike to see if they could offer me a discount on the printing or maybe even donate a run.  Mike was very receptive to the idea and I offered to pay for the shipping.  What we received was a 1000 beautiful full color glossy 5×7 postcards with Chris’ design on the front and a 3.5×5 ad for M3 Printing on the reverse along side of the museum address information.  Mike had really come through for us with a beautiful product. It was now up to us to try and create something that would generate a good donation.

We took the caging from around the plane and sliced it up on the metal break into 2 in squares. There were also sections of phenolic and chunks of braided line that were scrap. All of these items were contact cemented onto the cards then some of the more uniquely shaped items were numbered and placed in plastic bags. At the Corsairs over Connecticut Air Show we were able to raise over $2500 in donations. What a successful program.  In swap for the donation we display flyers and business cards at our booth at various shows and at the museum.

This brings about two points. If you have a business and are would consider a donation, as you can see we offer a good cause and like to talk about those that help us out.  Number two is if you would like to receive a really cool memento from the Stratford Corsair and help our cause out consider making a donation.

  • $20 will get you a card with a approx 2in x 2in slice of painted aluminum
  • $40 will get you a limited numbered card with a much rarer piece of material or  other artifact

All items are not airworthy or useable in the restoration of the Stratford Corsair.  It could make a unique addition to your or a loved one’s collection as a memento of your generous contribution to the saving of the Stratford Corsair. Email for more information.

To find out more about M3 Printing please contact:

M3 Printing

Mike Anaman – Sales

440-44 Brown St

Philadelphia, PA 19123

Toll Free: 877.667.3530 (Outside of PA)

Philadelphia Office: 215.463.6348

M3 Printing offers a wide range of printing capabilities for their customers. From a single-color envelope to a 6-color catalog, their workflow system has been engineered for unmatched speed without sacrificing quality.

Their offset printing process utilizes the most advanced software on the market, combined with our unique pre-press techniques which allow them to offer same day turnaround on printing. The patented CCI quality system allows near perfect printing with little to no color variation and sharper overall images. A Closed Loop Color Scanning Spectro Densitometer further enhances our quality assurance system. In addition, our presses are linked to our prepress department for consistent color management from disk to paper.

In search of captivating design, but just don’t have the time or maybe the know-how to do it yourself?! Let M3 Design Studios do the work and be your creative genius!

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