Wings of Freedom – 9/7 to 9/11 Thank You for the Support!

The crew of the Corsair wants to extend a hardy Thank You for all the support we received both at Sikorsky Memorial Airport – KBDR with Three Wings Flight Services and Oxford Airport – (KOXC) with KeyAir. We were able to meet many old and new friends who support the restoration and were interested in seeing our progress with the restoration.

The Collings Foundation was very gracious for allowing us to set up our display and attempt to raise donations.  It was a real thrill for us all to see the B-17 Nine-0-Nine and B-24 Witchcraft. Best of all was at Oxford seeing the P-51 Betty Jean making beautiful passes along the runway. Oh the sound of all that horsepower. What a Rush!

Among our Crew – Mark Knopick, Steve Reinski, Chris and Dennis Soltis, and Ben Avels get a special thanks for hauling our display up to Oxford Airport.

I would also like to extend a big Thanks to Rich, Jerry, Mark Corvino, Dave Phipps, Gene, John, Bud and Laura Bopp for all the help at Sikorsky Memorial.

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