Major Benefactor to the Corsair Project Visits From New York.

Laura meets the Corsair

The Stratford Corsair has people from all walks of life turning out to lend a hand in some way or another. Today I was happy to finally welcome Ms.Laura Bopp.  She has befriended the Corsair project in a very special way. It is due to her working long hours in Manhattan that helps bankroll my involvement with the project. You see Laura is my wife. Without her prodding and insistence that I start volunteering some place, I would have never found the Corsair. Much to her chagrin it has become my obsession. She puts up with it, a widow to the Startford Corsair.  With my constant chattering, photos, being at the shop or on the phone, without a complaint. We are truly blessed to have such a wonderful benefactor.

Laura came north,on a rare day off, with me today to see what I have been doing. She came into the plant and took the safety briefing and was amazed that people wouldn’t want to learn about the history of the site and how to be careful. She was surprised at how many projects the museum has under way.  The Corsair touched her. She gets it now, just how much damage we are dealing with and how much work we have ahead of us.

Check out the some of her recent adventures here!

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One Response to Major Benefactor to the Corsair Project Visits From New York.

  1. Laura says:

    Hey! I love that you think of me as a benefactor, but in all truth it’s all of you that are making this happen, bit by bit that need the pat on the back.

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