Jump in the Cockpit and Fire up your Wrenches…Corsair Workday June 12th, 2010

Corsair Workday June 12th 2010

Mark K. and Mark C. w/ the Armor Plate

Today was a pretty good and productive day in AREA 53.  We had a good crew of men (Ed, Mark K, Mark C, Bill and myself) really wanting to get something done and we did.

The armored plate behind the pilots seat yielded to several wrenches and sockets. We were able to get that clear so we can start pulling to 100+ bolts loose that connect the fuselage to the center section.  It is amazing when you get up inside one of these planes and try to figure out the process to build up a section. Yes some of it is documented but the fine details would have been amazing to read.

Bill meanwhile spent the day repairing a mess of plate-mounts in the forward cockpit section. Ed spent the morning with a snake drill working out a set of rivets so we can detach the tail section. It is looking like maybe in the next 2 weeks that might happen. With today’s progress, once we have to proper carts built to receive the fuselage section before the end of summer.

Chris (Warbirdkid) and his dad Dennis spent the day with Rich, Jimmy and Julie out at the Connecticut Military Vehicle Collectors / COMVEC Annual Show in Chester, CT showing the public what we are doing and helping spread the word about the restoration.

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