THANK YOU Stratford, Bridgeport and Wings & Wheels Over CT!

I just want to take a second to say thank you to every person who stopped by our display at the Wings and Wheels Over Connecticut Airshow Fri, Sat, Sun and Monday. Your donations were very generous and interest in the project was appreciated.

I would like to publicly thank, Rob, Ed,Mark K., Mark C., Jerry, Charlie,Nancy, Vilma, Barbara, Julie, Jimmy, Bob, Rich, Dennis, Chris, Richie, Bill, Bob,(To All the Sikorsly Retires at the shop that I always forget your names ), Dave, Gene and Doc. Gunther from the Connecticut Air and Space Center for coming out and sitting in the heat and working together to help raise money and awareness to this great project.

Jerry O’Neill and his Airdales, Three Wing Aviation and Vlad at Sikorsky Memorial Airport made the event safe and fun and lent a big hand in the transportation of equipment. I would like to also than the Discovery Museum for making the event possible. Lastly, to all the Corsair Owners and Pilots who got their birds onto the tarmac for the week end and providing such a moving sight on all three days.

Oh and last but not least, Ben. You stepped up to the plate and knocked it out of the park.

Thank You All.

Drew King

Project Director – Stratford Corsair Restoration

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