While the Cats Away… Corsair Workday May 7, 2010

I am on vacation and a goodwill tour out west so work continues without me.  I have asked the guys to update me and I am posting straight out of their recounts…

Rob Brucato reports:

I was first to arrive at 7:30 -got set up and then started working at 9:00 on stabilizer. Mark came in at 9:30-10 and we got to heavy work –popped out two split collars at rear, no problem.  We tried to get out the large Dzus at the leading edge but it would not move.

Starboard Stabilizer, Note the damage

Note the damage to the Stabilizer - The airframe needs to be stabilized

So we drilled out rest of rivets on upper fairing to the rib and to the tail and to the stiffener plate and removed it -almost went smooth -had to jigger stabilizer around to get at hidden rivets in front (riveted to lower fairing into intermediate bracket at leading edge) So now the top is nice and opened. A new fellow by the name of Mark Knopick came in around this time. I went over the ropes with him – he is a nice guy.


Removing the Stabilizer

So I had to remove Dzus spring at bottom of mating flange -spring was rusted and broke -kept 2 pieces-this allowed the Dzus to be hammered up (wow) used brass long bar Ed McGuinness dropped off. (thanks Ed the bars helped out great)  This just got it to move and then we had no tools to knock it out the rest of the way.  So I made a tool out of a SST rack part I found laying around.  Mark banged away with me adding heat and PB for an hour till we got it out it was super galled. With Dzus out the 40 lb stabilizer was removed easily. Lou’s son (Rich) helped holding the stabilizer when removing it to be safe -Lou’s granddaughter (Ashley Simmons) took photos for us.

Starboard Stabilizer

Small Victories, Every Day - Rich, Mark & Rob

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