Going Nuts – Corsair Workday April 29 2010

Cool Jackets

Couple of Airplane Nuts

This is going to be a quick update.I am in the process of packing and we be making a cross country journey in a few days. Over the next few weeks I will be making visits to Midland, Texas home of the CAF , Pima Arizona to check out the restoration shop and to Davis Mothan, the storage facility where old warbirds go to sleep.  I will also meeting with Yanks Air Museum’s Frank Wright in Chino and will visit the  Air Force Academy and Pueblo Weisbrod Aircraft Museum in Colorado.

I hope as an ambassador for the Connecticut Air and Space Center to spread the word of our mission. A special thanks goes out to the WIX (Warbird Information Exchange) community.  I have made several contacts that will make my visits a lot easier and more enjoyable.

Rudder Post Attachment Point

This is Corrosion. This is the real Desecration, no upkeep.

Rob, Mike and myself spent the day trying to free the 2 vertical stabilizer bolts to free the vertical stabilizer.  We have found more extensive damage to the airframe from corrosion. The tail section will require extensive work to stabilize the metal. The short story is we couldn’t free them and will regroup on Saturday with a 3/4in drive set to break the pair loose.

Meanwhile, Bill Digney was able to get the tip of the port stabilizer looking really good after he worked the dents out. The inner surfaces, which are riddled with corrosion will be media blasted before being primed. Well work progresses, baby steps.

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