A Bittersweet Victory – Corsair Work Day April 8th, 2009

Victory - Drew King, Bill Dinghly and Robert Brucato

Victory - Drew King, Bill Dinghly and Robert Brucato

Today was a great day. I lie. Today had it’s moments but most of it sucked. In the last 24 hours someone slammed a shopping cart into my fender then walked away telling me “Oh well, its not my problem” Then as you all know I get up stupid early in order to get to the Connecticut Air and Space Center by 7am. Well last night some poor old guy was screaming for HELP at 2:45 AM. I live in a Co-Op that’s like a Condo / 6 floor apartment building with around 120 units. No one could figure out where he was. I called 911 along with about 20 other people, they told me that officers were arriving. Well this went on till 3:45 or so.

Lou Esposito working in the machine shop

Lou Esposito - A driving force at the CASC

So yea I’m tired, really tired and I got to work (ha ha) on time and was the first guy in. After cracking the lock on Building 53 I got back to work finishing drilling out the DZUS’s that were still stuck. I found that a carbide deburring tool make much faster work then any drill bit did. Bill Dinghly and Lou Esposito were in 53 working in another 20 or so minutes. Lou is another great guy at the CASC and is our master carpenter. He is currently working on our multi award winning parade float that goes out for the 4th of July parade in town.

Drew King and Robert Brucato Win the fight against DZUS

Drew King and Robert Brucato Win the fight against DZUS

A short while later I met a new guy, well new to me, Robert Brucato who is also a CASC Volunteer and from what I gather is pretty handy doing Solid Modeling / prototype designs. Robert jumped in and with Bill’s vintage flat bar, started popping the cowl up. We went back and forth till with a subtle THUNK the cowl slid back and up and was free for the first time in at least 39 years. What a sense of accomplishment. Set a goal, and complete it. Stay at it, never lose faith. You can bitch, you can complain but you work toward the goal all the while. I know, I know it’s a small victory, maybe even more a personal one at that. I pulled out my phone to check the time and it broke. The day continues to get better.

Robert and I worked on removing the fuel lines or what’s left of them and the firewall fitting. Chasing down a spanner wrench was an adventure all it’s own and I won’t go into it. Today we scratched the first item off the printed list. I sit here writing this staring at the erection manual for the FG1-D Corsair. It’s a big book with a lot of information. I am studying Friday because as soon as the tank is out, the tail is next.

Bill and Ben receive the cowl

Bill and Ben receive the cowl.

Oh and when I scratched off the first Item with my trusty black Sharpie, I somehow put it in my pocket. When I sat in my front seat of my almost new car it broke in half. I now have a large black spot of Sharpie ink on my seat. DZUS you crafty Bastard…

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